Both HRCI and SHRM give you a little leeway if you do not complete all of your recertification credits within your three-year cycle. 

HRCI gives you 12 months during which time your credential is placed in a temporary suspended status.  You may complete your recertification credits during this time as long as you pay a $100 suspended fee (in addition to the $169 you pay for recertification of one certification, and $50 for each additional certification.)

SHRM provides a little leeway by giving an expiration date, which is an additional two months following your three-year cycle date.  The late fee during these two additional months is $150 member/ $200 non-member (in addition to the $100 member/ $150 non-member recertification processing fee.)

No matter how long you have procrastinated recertification, HRrecert.com can help you get your credits quickly and conveniently from home.  These “move at your own pace” courses allow for quick completion with quality materials.

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